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Osvaldo Sabatini

I met Argentinean architect Liliana Alicia Korn Custy many years ago. Our professional relationship began as a result of our search to obtain the services of a professional to be in charge of the overall design, construction supervision, job and project management for 1300 SQ Meters of a residential interior architecture and design project consisting of the complete remodeling of a condominium triplex penthouse we had just acquired in the best area of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The penthouse triplex covered two floors on a surface of 840 SQ. Meters, and the roof of the building for another 450 SQ. Meters. As a result of the search, ten professional architects were interviewed, and Liliana was chosen for the job because of her references, all of which asserted her professional capability in all the jobs she had previously undertaken.

The complete and massive remodeling of the unit took about 18 months, and during that time we had the opportunity to get to know Liliana, not just from a professional point of view, but also in her way to face the various situations that arose. All along, she showed an impressive knowledge of her profession, whether advising alternatives to minor problems, or expressing her ideas with absolute clarity, or imposing her dynamics to the rest of the crew. All these characteristics gain Liliana the immediate respect of everybody involved with her work.

The project under discussion was successfully finished and all those people who had a chance to come and visit complemented us for it. Everybody was pleasantly impressed by the excellence in design and style of the overall remodeling and custom, one of a kind renovation, marveling at Liliana’s creative high-end interior architecture solutions, and unique and timeless interior design project and choice of materials.

After this positive experience, we hired Liliana for other projects, and we were always completely satisfied with the results, and in consequence Liliana was hired to do many other jobs for our relatives and friends.

I myself can affirm that we are in the presence of a very intelligent person who possesses a great knowledge of her profession, an excellent technical and intellectual background, who is always interested in reading, studying, and visiting sites where there are art and interior design exhibits in order to keep updated. Her knowledge of several languages is a valuable tool for this particular purpose.

I am convinced that in the field of interior architecture and interior design, Liliana has the ability to come up with ideas of great value and magnitude, which could not easily be surpassed

Adolfo Smolarz

Argentinean architect Liliana Korn Custy is an experienced and efficient professional. Firstly, many years ago, I asked her to do the Interior Architecture and Design of my business offices and I really liked her style. Later on I appointed her to prepare a project to re-design my home which is located in the Recoleta neighborhood, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Every detail was taken into account; there were first quality material and the work was finished at the stipulated time which is something very difficult to achieve in this kind of job.

When I decided to build a really big residence, in a piece of land of 60,000 Sq. Feet, in a country club in Pilar, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, I immediately called her and appointed her to do the Interior Architecture and Interior Design project, and to manage the general supervision of all exterior and interior architectural project, as well as to supervise the on- site construction until completion of all works, including landscaping.

Liliana controlled every step of the job site progress until the final completion. She took responsibility from the beginning, to coordinate the exterior architecture of the project of the residence together with the interior architecture and design, so as to consider all the project as a whole and, therefore, to avoid finding breakages due to lack of precaution in due time of the interior design details.

This residence was built in 16,000Sq. Feet and is really beautiful. I feel very grateful to Liliana for her work and everybody who visits it, praises her professionalism.
This upscale mansion took 30 months to be completed; Liliana did her job with great dedication and in complete harmony. Liliana Korn Custy is an easy-going person and very pleasant to deal with. She was able to interpret what I wanted.

Liliana is an honest and ethical professional due to her education, which she updates and perfects permanently. I can really support her after working with her for a long time. Over the years, I have hired her for many projects; she has always handled for me a lot of money, and I can assert she is a good administrator. Every cent was controlled to perfection.

For the reasons mentioned above, I really recommend her as an outstanding professional, to put into practice her profession abilities as an architect in Argentina, and as a licensed Interior Designer and General Contractor in Florida, USA.

Clive Lewis,
Former and On­Going Client

For anyone looking for an Interior Designer to help them ‘navigate the difficult waters’ of creating a Home that meets their specific vision and taste, within a pre­set budget and completed on time, Liliana Korn Custy is hard to beat!

In my experience, Liliana is a sensitive, intuitive and knowledgeable professional with an educational background and history that is unmatched by most designers operating in South Florida today. Being a qualified architect in her native Argentina and possessing both interior design and contractor licenses, here in the U.S., enables her to bring the right experience every step of the way in a major design project.

But great design is not just about qualifications and experience! A great interior designer must have the inherent instincts and talents to interpret a Client’s needs and aspirations – with a great sense of style, elegance and taste. After all, isn’t that what you want your home to say about you!

Liliana has all these attributes and more; she is personable, meticulous, multi‐ lingual and multi‐national and, above all, punctual!

In a nutshell, she has all that you are looking for in creating one of the most important components of your life – your living space and your home!